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VRV Controllers

Outdoor Units
  • Range minimum (5HP) 4.15 TR to maximum (54HP) 42 TR
  • Compact -space saving
  • Efficient & high performance inverter type & constant speed type scroll compressors
  • High Coefficient of Performance (COP)
  • Operates on environment friendly refrigerant R-410A
  • Design flexibility- suitable for large sized buildings
  • Long piping length up to 165 meters
  • Higher external static pressure condenser fan
  • Automatic test operation function
  • Memory function –Eliminate malfunctions
  • Nighttime quite operation function
  • High combination ratio (Indoor unit vs. Outdoor unit)
  • Can be Configured with building management control system –optional
  • Equipped with EPD (Electrical Protection Device)
  • HRV with DX Coil
Ceiling Mounted Cassette (Round Flow ) Type
Model No : FXFQ25, FXFQ32, FXFQ40, FXFQ50, FXFQ63, FXFQ80, FXFQ100, FXFQ125
  • Quiet Sound level : As low as 27 dB(A)
  • Range : 0.8 TR to 4.1 TR
  • Round Flow : Industry's first 360° airflow ensures uniform airflow distribution
  • Multi-flow system : Different flow direction can be selected according to installation
  • Inbuilt Drain Pump : Water lift-up mechanism upto 850mm
  • Air-Purifying Filter : With anti-mould and anti- bacterial treatment
Compact Multi Flow Cassette Type
Model No : FXZQ20, FXZQ25, FXZQ32, FXZQ40, FXZQ50
  • Range : 0.65TR to 1.65TR
  • Compact in size – Corresponds with 600mm x 600mm architectural module ceiling design.
  • Comfortable airflow - Wide variation of choice
  • Built-in condensate drain pump
Wall Mounted Type
Model No : FXAQ20, FXAQ25, FXAQ32, FXAQ40, FXAQ50, FXAQ63
  • Low Operation Sound Level Sound level : Sound Level as low as 29 dB(A).
  • Range : 0.65 TR to 2 TR
  • Sophisticated design harmonized with interior décor
  • Auto-Swing operation: Auto-swing maintains efficiency of air distribution. The louver closes automatically when the unit stops.
  • 5 Step Discharge angle: Discharge angle can be set by remote controller. (Initial 10° for Cooling and 70° for heating)
Slim Ceiling Mounted Duct Type
Ideal for Office & Hotel Application
Model No : FXAQ20, FXAQ25, FXAQ32, FXAQ40, FXAQ50, FXAQ63
  • Quiet Sound level : As low as 29 dB(A)
  • Range : 0.65 TR to 2.08 TR
  • 3-Step Airflow Control : selectable by remote controller making it comfortable and flexible unit
  • Equipped with a drain pump (750 mm lift)
Ceiling Mounted Duct Type
Ideal for Office & Hotel Application
Model No : FXMQ20, FXMQ25, FXMQ32, FXMQ40, FXMQ50, FXMQ63, FXMQ80, FXMQ100, FXMQ125, FXMQ140, FXMQ200, FXMQ250
  • Design Flexibility : Expansion of external static pressure
  • Wide Range : 0.65 TR to 8.25 TR
Floor Standing Duct Type
Ideal for big offices, shopping malls, banquet halls
Model No : FVYCP280, FVYCP450, FVYCP560
  • Range : 8.3TR to 16.5TR
  • Easy Maintenance – Front of unit
  • High Air Flow Rate
  • High Static Pressure
Ceiling Mounted Cassette Corner Type
Ideal for Conference rooms, Restaurants, offices, residence etc.
Model No : FXKQ25, FXKQ32, FXKQ40, FXKQ63
  • Quiet Sound level - as low as 33 dB(A)
  • Range : 0.8 TR to 2.08 TR
  • Equipped with drain lift pump
  • Flexible installation & slim in design
  • Single- flow type allows effective air discharge from corner or from drop-ceiling
  • It's slim body requires 220 mm space above the ceiling and 195 mm space with use of panel spacer
  • Equipped with a long -life filter
Ceiling Mounted Cassette –Double Flow Type
Suitable for Office, Residence, Show room Applications
Model No : FXCQ20, FXCQ25, FXCQ32, FXCQ40, FXCQ50, FXCQ63, FXCQ80, FXCQ125
  • Sound level: as low as 27 dB(A)
  • Range: 0.6 TR to 4.16 TR
  • Equipped with drain lift pump
  • Thin unit (only 305 mm high) can be installed in a ceiling space as narrow as 355 mm
  • Higher airflow suitable for high ceiling application up to 3 metres
Ceiling Suspended Cassette Type
Model No : FXHQ32,FXHQ63,FXHQ100
  • Range: 2.3 TR to 4.13 TR
  • Inbuilt Drain Pump with high lift drain water lift-up mechanism.
  • Flat Turbo Fan: Ultra thinner & quieter design made by flat turbo fan.
Ceiling Suspended Type
Model No : FXHQ32, FXHQ63, FXHQ100
  • Range: 1 TR to 3.3 TR
  • Wide air discharge
  • Drain pump kit can be easily incorporated.
Floor Standing Type
Ideal for Offices and Residence
Model No :FXLQ20, FXLQ25, FXLQ32, FXLQ40, FXLQ50, FXLQ63
  • Quiet Sound level : As low as 32 dB(A)
  • Range : 0.65 TR to 2.08 TR
  • Suitable for perimeter zone air conditioning
Concealed Floor Standing Type
Model No :FXNQ20,FXNQ25, FXNQ32, FXNQ40, FXNQ50, FXNQ63
  • Range : 0.65 TR to 2.08 TR
  • Gives high class interior design. Installed in skirting wall of perimeter
Outdoor-Air Processing Unit
Model No FXMQ125MFV1, FXMQ200MFV1, FXMQ250MFV1
  • Range : 4TR to 8.2TR
  • Combines fresh air treatment & air-conditioning supplied from single system
  • Air conditioning and outdoor air processing can be accomplished using a single system
* Power Supply ( 1/3 Phase)
Navigation Wired Remote Controller
VRV is the latest and most revolutionary technologies used for large sized buildings. The system offers large outdoor capacities, greater energy savings, easier installation, longer actual and total piping, and more.
Individual control
Conventional systems air-condition a building as a whole, whereas the VRV system air conditions each room individually. Hence it is ideal for the constantly changing occupancy of a typical building. Even further, precise level control is possible that reacts to the exact conditions in each room. Individual control promotes a far more economical and efficient system

Saves energy
Using the HRV for ventilation dramatically boosts energy efficiency.

Conserves space
Space efficiency is enhanced by the compact size of the individual units, the long maximum piping length, and the ability to realize a largescale air conditioning system with a single piping circuit.

Offers a wide selection of models
Lineup of heat pump types are 5 to 54 HP, and both in 2 HP increments*. Indoor units consist of 14 types with a total of 79 models. This wide selection of models makes it possible to build a system that perfectly suits the customer’s requirements
* Except for 5 HP

Operates over a broad temperature range
The lower end of the operating temperature range in heating has been extended from –15°C to – 20°C.

Provides superior design flexibility
  • The extended maximum piping length gives more flexibility when designing the system.
  • Layout changes can be made easily because the capacity of the indoor units can be up to 200% that of the outdoor units.
  • New compressor technology eliminates the need for piping calculations, which shortens the time needed for design.
  • Outdoor units can be placed on the roof where they have no effect on the design of the building interior.

Enhances ease of use
  • Units are designed to operate quietly, and are also equipped with a function for silent operation especially at night.
  • The controller is easy to operate and has many useful functions. Units can be controlled in each individual room.

Delivers ultimate reliability
  • The self-diagnostic system identifies problems within the system quickly and accurately.
  • The Auto Restart function ensures that operation is restored with the previous settings even if the power has been shut off.
  • Units are controlled in each individual room, so local malfunctions does not cause the entire system to shut down.

Simplifies installation
  • The lightweight, compact units can be transported using a regular lift.
  • Units can be installed on each floor.
  • The pipes are few in number, making layout simpler.
  • Inspection after installation is straightforward.

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