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VRV-W III Water Cooled System

Outdoor Units
Water Cooled VRV Intelligent Air Conditioning System
  • Industry's Highest COP
  • Environment Friendly Refrigerant R410a
  • Energy Efficient
  • Flexibility in Operation and Design
  • Easy In Installation
  • Compact Size
  • Range : 8, 10 HP, 16, 18, 20 HP ,24, 26, 28,30 HP
  • Water-pipe-less internal structure
  • Heat Exchanger Evaporating/condensing ability
  • Reluctance DC Scroll Compressor
Ceiling Mounted Cassette (Round Flow ) Type
Model No : FXFQ25, FXFQ32, FXFQ40, FXFQ50, FXFQ63, FXFQ80, FXFQ100, FXFQ125
  • Quiet Sound level : As low as 27 dB(A)
  • Range : 0.8 TR to 4.1 TR
  • Round Flow : Industry's first 360° airflow ensures uniform airflow distribution
  • Multi-flow system : Different flow direction can be selected according to installation
  • Inbuilt Drain Pump : Water lift-up mechanism upto 850mm
  • Air-Purifying Filter : With anti-mould and anti- bacterial treatment
Compact Multi Flow Cassette Type
Model No : FXZQ20, FXZQ25, FXZQ32, FXZQ40, FXZQ50
  • Range : 0.65TR to 1.65TR
  • Compact in size – Corresponds with 600mm x 600mm architectural module ceiling design.
  • Comfortable airflow - Wide variation of choice
  • Built-in condensate drain pump
Wall Mounted Type
Model No : FXAQ20, FXAQ25, FXAQ32, FXAQ40, FXAQ50, FXAQ63
  • Low Operation Sound Level Sound level : Sound Level as low as 29 dB(A).
  • Range : 0.65 TR to 2 TR
  • Sophisticated design harmonized with interior décor
  • Auto-Swing operation: Auto-swing maintains efficiency of air distribution. The louver closes automatically when the unit stops.
  • 5 Step Discharge angle: Discharge angle can be set by remote controller. (Initial 10° for Cooling and 70° for heating)
Slim Ceiling Mounted Duct Type
Ideal for Office & Hotel Application
Model No : FXAQ20, FXAQ25, FXAQ32, FXAQ40, FXAQ50, FXAQ63
  • Quiet Sound level : As low as 29 dB(A)
  • Range : 0.65 TR to 2.08 TR
  • 3-Step Airflow Control : selectable by remote controller making it comfortable and flexible unit
  • Equipped with a drain pump (750 mm lift)
Ceiling Mounted Duct Type
Ideal for Office & Hotel Application
Model No : FXMQ20, FXMQ25, FXMQ32, FXMQ40, FXMQ50, FXMQ63, FXMQ80, FXMQ100, FXMQ125, FXMQ140, FXMQ200, FXMQ250
  • Design Flexibility : Expansion of external static pressure
  • Wide Range : 0.65 TR to 8.25 TR
Floor Standing Duct Type
Ideal for big offices, shopping malls, banquet halls
Model No : FVYCP280, FVYCP450, FVYCP560
  • Range : 8.3TR to 16.5TR
  • Easy Maintenance – Front of unit
  • High Air Flow Rate
  • High Static Pressure
Ceiling Mounted Cassette Corner Type
Ideal for Conference rooms, Restaurants, offices, residence etc.
Model No : FXKQ25, FXKQ32, FXKQ40, FXKQ63
  • Quiet Sound level - as low as 33 dB(A)
  • Range : 0.8 TR to 2.08 TR
  • Equipped with drain lift pump
  • Flexible installation & slim in design
  • Single- flow type allows effective air discharge from corner or from drop-ceiling
  • It's slim body requires 220 mm space above the ceiling and 195 mm space with use of panel spacer
  • Equipped with a long -life filter
Ceiling Mounted Cassette –Double Flow Type
Suitable for Office, Residence, Show room Applications
Model No : FXCQ20, FXCQ25, FXCQ32, FXCQ40, FXCQ50, FXCQ63, FXCQ80, FXCQ125
  • Sound level: as low as 27 dB(A)
  • Range: 0.6 TR to 4.16 TR
  • Equipped with drain lift pump
  • Thin unit (only 305 mm high) can be installed in a ceiling space as narrow as 355 mm
  • Higher airflow suitable for high ceiling application up to 3 metres
Ceiling Suspended Cassette Type
Model No : FXHQ32,FXHQ63,FXHQ100
  • Range: 2.3 TR to 4.13 TR
  • Inbuilt Drain Pump with high lift drain water lift-up mechanism.
  • Flat Turbo Fan: Ultra thinner & quieter design made by flat turbo fan.
Ceiling Suspended Type
Model No : FXHQ32, FXHQ63, FXHQ100
  • Range: 1 TR to 3.3 TR
  • Wide air discharge
  • Drain pump kit can be easily incorporated.
Floor Standing Type
Ideal for Offices and Residence
Model No :FXLQ20, FXLQ25, FXLQ32, FXLQ40, FXLQ50, FXLQ63
  • Quiet Sound level : As low as 32 dB(A)
  • Range : 0.65 TR to 2.08 TR
  • Suitable for perimeter zone air conditioning
Concealed Floor Standing Type
Model No :FXNQ20,FXNQ25, FXNQ32, FXNQ40, FXNQ50, FXNQ63
  • Range : 0.65 TR to 2.08 TR
  • Gives high class interior design. Installed in skirting wall of perimeter
Outdoor-Air Processing Unit
Model No FXMQ125MFV1, FXMQ200MFV1, FXMQ250MFV1
  • Range : 4TR to 8.2TR
  • Combines fresh air treatment & air-conditioning supplied from single system
  • Air conditioning and outdoor air processing can be accomplished using a single system
* Power Supply ( 1/3 Phase)

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