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Air-Cooled Rooftop Packaged A Series (cooling only & Heat Pump)


Powerfully Removes

28 allergens
19 adjuvants
bacteria and viruses

Models :

Removal of allergre
Revoal of allergens from air purifier is one of the best features, it removes all pollen, pet danders (cat & Dogs epidermis-dander), mould and mitess
Removal of Adjuvants
Removal of Allergents, It removes all type of Adjuvants removed from air, i.e Foraldehyde, NOx, Chlorofrom, Dieseal exhaust particles (DEP) and many other particules which is not good for healthy atmosphare.
Deodrorishing, Powerful odour breakdown by Flash Streamer and Photocatalyst. now no Odour of cooking, pet, raw garbage and others.
Removal of Bacteria
Removal of bacteria, mould spores and even viruses
Large Airflow
Large Air Flow, 420 m3/h high-power suction!
Quiet Operation
Quiet Operation, Generally air purifies make noise, but our air purifier has a mere 16 dB even in LL mode. Its a quiet as a whisper,
10 year paeated filter
10 year plated filter, Replace each after 2 year for cleanliness and worry-free operation

pioneer in air conditioners unmatched air sales support the daikin edge with in-house manufacturing 5 years waranty on split acs high energy efficiency wise investment-low running cost experienced dealers
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