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Ceiling Suspended Cassette Type (FUY Series)


Flexibility in installation location. Installation is also simple.

Models :
FUY71, FUY100, FUY125

Comfort FUY71, FUY100, FUY125
Auto Swing
Delivers comfortable air-conditioning to all areas, near to and far from the air-conditioner.
Swing pattern selection
You can freely set 3 air flow positions by remote controller.
1. Air flow range in standard position
2. Air flow range in draft prevention position
3. Air flow range in ceiling soiling prevention position
Draft Prevention Function
To prevent cold air drafts, automatically adjusts air flow to horizontal vector when heating initially starts or when the thermostat turns off.
Switchable fan speed
High setting provides maximum reach while low setting minimizes drafts
Program ‘Dry’
Dehumidification is computer controlled to prevent abrupt and uncomfortable changes in air temperature. Useful for reducing discomforting humidity without uncomfortable cooling of the room.
High ceiling application
Delivers air-conditioning comfort all the way down to the floor in air-conditioning zones with high ceilings.
Two selectable thermo-sensors
Thermo-sensors are included in the indoor unit and optional wired remote controller. Termperature detection closer to target area is possible to further increase the fomfort level.
*Use the thermo-sensor in the indoor unit when controlling air conditioning from another room.
Year-round cooling applicable
Efficient cooling even in winter when indoor temperatures are higher than those outside, such as in undergroung public spaces or office with many computers.
* Heat pump/RY71 - 140LU: possible up to -50C
*Cooling only/RY71 - 140LU: possible up to -150C (An option is required.)
Time Selector
Operation starts when the preset time of the ON timer elapses and stops when the preset time of the OFF timer elapses.
Mildew Prevention FUY71, FUY100, FUY125
Mildew-proofing drain pan
Mildew proofing maintains hygiene by preventing growth in highly humid conditions.
Mold resistant treatment for filter
Sanitary filter has mold-resistant treatment.
Control Features FUY71, FUY100, FUY125
If there is a power outage while the equipment is operating, operations will restart in the same mode as before the power cut when electricity is restored.
Interlock control
Enables interlocking control with external equipment such as heat reclaim ventilation (HRV).
Control by 2 remote
Using 2 remote controllers you can operate the equipment locally or from a remote location.
Note: When a wireless remote controller is used, remote control by two remote controllers is not possible.
Control by 1 remote controller
You can turn up to 16 indoor units on/off with a single remote controller. (When using connected indoor units, the settings must all be the same and on/off will be simultaneous.)
External command control
Operation and surveillance is carried out using the contact signal from the operation control box in teh building surveillance (security) room.
Central remote control
Optional central remote controller enables centralized control of up to 1024 indoor units (64 groups) from up to 1 Kilometer away.
Work & Servicing FUY71, FUY100, FUY125
Drain water lift-up mechanism
Pre-charged for up to 30 m
If refrigerant piping length does not exceed 30 m, there is no need for on-site gas charging.
Long-life filter
Maintenance is not required for one year (two years when a ceiling mounted cassette type is used).
Filter sign
The filter sign warns you when it is time to clearn the filter.
* When using a wired remote controller the sign is displayed in the LCD. When using a wireless remote controller the filter sign lamp illuminates on the singnal receiver unhit.
Low gas pressure detection
Insufficient gas charging is normally hard to detect. During post-installation trials and regular inspection procedures, the refrigerant level is monitored by computer to ensure proper gas pressure. Reliability is assured and maintenance and inspection can be carried out more quickly.
Emergency operation
If there is a malfunction elsewhere in the system, the fan or compressor can still be operated.
Self-diagnosis function
The operating parameters of indoor and outdoor units, and sensosr data at critical locations throughout the system, are constantly monitored using a microcomputer. To facilitate quick response in the event of a malfunction, a message appears on the LCD of the remote controller and an LED on the unit illuminates.
Others FUY71, FUY100, FUY125
PE fin
To achieve increased durability by improved resistance to salt corrosion and atmospheric pollution, coated PE fins (with special acryl pretreatment) are used for the heatt exchanger of the outdoor unit.

Applicable when wired remote controller is used
Applicable to R71-125 outdoor units (for temp, down to - 15°C) (An option is required.)
Applicable to R(Y)71-125 outdoor units
  * Power Supply ( 1/3 Phase)

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