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Lightweight and Compact


Lightweight and Compact The lightweight and compact floor/ceiling mounted model deesign. (Unit weight : 17kg, unit height : 490 mm).
Sophisticated Design
Attractive design suitable for most interiors, featuring slim and rounded shapes.

Models :

Comfortable Airflow Function FL-35/50H
Wide-Angle Louvers
The smoothly curved Wide-Angle Louvers provide wide airflow coverage for effective cooling/heating operation no matter where the indoor unit is placed in a room.
Vertical Auto-Swing (up and down)
This function automatically moves the flaps up and down to distribute air across a room.
Comfort Control FL-35/50H
Programme Dry Function
This function automatically reduces the level of humidity while maintaining the preset room temperature.
Auto Fan Speed
The microprocessor automatically controls fan speed to adjust the room temprature to the set temperature.
Wireless Remote Controller
Wireless Remore Controller to control AC
Lifestyle Convenience FL-35/50H
Inverter Powerful Operation
This function is convenient for boosting cooling/heating performance for a 20-minute period, both when you first turn on your air conditioner or want to quickly change the room temperature.
Indoor Unit On/Off Switch
There is a second On/Off switch on the body of the indoor unit to prevent any problems if the wireless remote controller is misplaced.
Cleanliness FL-35/50H
Air Purifying Filter with Bacteriostatic, Virustatic and Deodorising Functions
Filter Cleaning Indicator
Mould-Proof Operation
automatically runs fan-only operation for 1 hour when cooling or dry operation is stopped. This airflow prevents the generation of mould and mould odours inside the indoor unit.
Timer FL-35/50H
Indoor Unit Quiet Operation
Indoor unit operating sound levels are decreased by 3 dB from the Low settign fan speed using the wireless remote controller.
Night Set Mode
Pressing the Off timer button automatically selects Night Set Mode. This function prevents any sudden change in room temperature by gently raising the temperature before the air conditioner stops. So you can sleep comfortably.
Worry Free FL-35/50H
Auto-Restart after Power Failure
The air conditioner memorises the settings for mode, airflow, temperature, etc., and automatically returns to them when power is restored after a power failure.
Self-Diagnosis with Digital Display
Malfunction codes are shown on the digital display panel of teh wireless remote controller for fast and easy maintenance.'
Anti-corrosion Treatment of Outdoor Heat Exchanger Fins
The outdoor units heat exchanger fins are processed using a special anti-corrosion treatment. The surface is covered with a thin acrylic resin layer to enhance the fins resistance to acid rain and salt corrosion.

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